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What is Osintgram ?

Before we go and Analyze Instagram Profiles (Ethically Speaking), We need to know what is Osintgram. Osintgram is a osint Tool, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)  is information that can be accessed without specialist skills or tools.

Osintgram is basically used by Ethical Hackers to Analyze a persons profiles, etc. I will discuss how we can use Osintgram to download complete Instagram profiles.

So start your Linux, Because we are going Dark.

Installing Osintgram

Step 01
Open your Linux Terminal
Step 02
Now You can install this plugin anywhere you want but I will be Installing it in Home (aka Kali) So, I you want to do same then Navigate to Home by using following command. ls ~
Step 03
Now we will clone (download) the Ostingram repo using following command.
git clone
Step 04
You Need to have pip3 and atleast python3 installed (or updated) in your device. To do so, just Run these commands. sudo apt install python3 sudo apt install python3-pip Now Navigate to Osintgram Folder via Terminal and Type following command. pip3 install -r requirements.txt This will automatically read and install the required programs. See Demo Output Below

Osintgram Commands

- addrsGet all registered addressed by target photos
- captionsGet user's photos captions
- commentsGet total comments of target's posts
- followersGet target followers
- followingsGet users followed by target
- fwersemailGet email of target followers
- fwersnumberGet phone number of target followers
- fwingsnumberGet phone number of users followed by target
- hashtagsGet hashtags used by target
- infoGet target info
- likesGet total likes of target's posts
- mediatypeGet user's posts type (photo or video)
- photodesGet description of target's photos
- photosDownload user's photos in output folder
- propicDownload user's profile picture
- storiesDownload user's stories
- taggedGet list of users tagged by target
- wcommentedGet a list of user who commented target's photos
- wtaggedGet a list of user who tagged target

One Last Step [Important!]

Before we start Analyzing we need an temporary/fake Instagram account which will be used to login to Instagram and do our work for us. Now, I assume you have made a Temporary account so let’s get back to work. Now we need to add username and password of our Temp Insta account to credentials.ini. Typing following command this will open the file with text editor.
sudo nano Osintgram/config/credentials.ini
Simply, add username and password there and save file [ To Save File Press Ctrl + X –> Y –> enter ]

Lets Start analyzing

Ok, Assuming you are in Osintgram Directory, Let’s Start for what we were here in the first place. Type Following and Replace $UserName with the Instagram username of the person you want info of. Here I will be choosing TheRock.

python3 $UserName

In my case I get following output.

And just like that we are in!

Osintgram Info Function

Now, ad we are in, Type info this will give us infoabout the account like this.

Downloading all Photos

Now we can use photos command to download all the photos in one click.

The photos are stored in output folder located in Osintgram Doirectory.


See Below (For Demonstration Purpose I only Downloaded 5 Images also but use can download all too)

Scraping Emails of followed users

Use fwingsemail to try and fetch all the email of users followed by target.

See What we were able to fetch from The Rock 💪

We were able to fetch emails of 156 users, if you want to see full List Visit Here.

Scraping Contact No. of followed users

Use fwingsnumber to try and fetch all the Phone numbers of users followed by target.

See What we were able to fetch from The Rock 💪

We were able to fetch Phone no. of 59 users, if you want to see full List Visit Here.

Common Error & Fix


That’s all for now, If you have any Issue or review about my post. Write it in Comment box, Till Then Happy Hacking (Ethically Of course !).